You play a worker in a warehouse. Your job is to take the boxes that get delivered and place them neatly on the floor. It's a pretty hard job! Your boss may fire you if you don't do it properly.


Arrow Keys => Move/Pull Box/Push Box/Spin Box

Z => Grab Box/Press Exit Button

X => Flip Box

While grabbing a box you can move backwards/forwards to pull/push the block, you can move sideways to spin the block (maybe this takes some getting used to) and you can flip the box over your head.


Move the boxes that come through on the conveyor belt onto the score area (marked with the large square on the floor). Boxes that aren't completely in the score area won't count towards your score.

You must be fast and efficient since boxes you miss will be deducted from your score! If you let too many boxes go you might be fired!

When you're ready to finish press the button (using your character) in the top right just outside the score area. This will stop the conveyor belt and end your shift.


Warehouse EXE v2 (Final LudumDare build) 17 MB

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