A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made for Grads In Games' Search for a Star 2020


This is a turn-based strategy game where your ammo is the very floor you're standing on!

Survive the approaching orc horde for as many turns as possible.

You can defeat an orc by throwing a snowball at them. However the snow you're using comes from the floor so you won't be able to attack from that position in the future.


This game is made for Mouse & keyboard.

Left Click an empty tile to plan a move to it.
Left Click an enemy to plan an attack on them.

Click the end turn button in the bottom right to execute your actions. You can also press SPACE or ENTER. (You can skip the turn if you wish.)

During a turn execution hold SPACE or ENTER or Left Click to fast-forward the turn.

Move the camera around by holding right click. Zoom by scrolling.


You have 2 action points per turn which are needed for moving and attacking.
Moving 3 spaces takes 1 action point.
Attacking takes all your remaining action points.
You can attack from 3 tiles away ignoring terrain.

Every 10 turns a Fire Orc will spawn which melts the tiles it uses.

Every 50 turns more snow will fall on any free tiles so you can continue your run.

When an enemy ends it's turn adjacent to you, you lose the game!


[Windows] Advance of the Winter Orcs 21 MB
Advance of the Winter Orcs - Documentation.pdf 166 kB


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Very nice :) I got to 27 turns!